Luxury poker cards – Piatnik, Bicycle

Most EXCLUSIV two-pack of Bicycle. Packed in a stylish box decks have gold and silver T-shirts and packing in metallic shades. Ideally suited for a gift, and as an extension of the collection. Each deck is made from their own unique specialist paper and coated material. This allows customers for many years trust products Bicycle.
An exclusive feature of the card is finish Bicycle cards using the “Air Cushion”. This secret formula makes Bicycle cards have a longer life, easier to shuffle, giving away that much more enjoyable a card game!
2 x decks of 55 cards poker size 63 x 89mm (52 + 2 jokers + info card)
Standard index at opposite corners of the obverse.
Talia new, packaged, signed logo Bicycle.

This luxurious double deck of cards is typical of the court cards of the late 19th century, but the modern printing techniques allow for vibrant colour. Suitable for Bridge, Whist and many other traditional card games. These are finest quality Piatnik Playing Cards and are an ideal gift.

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